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Artificial Grass Installers in Warrington

At DNA Driveways, we can completely reinvent your garden with our artificial lawn service. Keeping your garden looking picture perfect can be extremely difficult and time-consuming, especially if you have pets or young children! Artificial lawns are the ideal way to make sure that your garden looks great all year round, regardless of what the little ones get up to!

There are numerous benefits of having an artificial lawn laid:

  • Synthetic grass requires very little maintenance. No need to mow the lawn or water the grass! This means that you also save money on the costs of running and buying your lawn mower, and on your water bills.
  • There is no need to buy or use any fertiliser or weed killer. With artificial grass not needing any chemical products, you will reduce the amount of pollution that you create.
  • No more pulling up weeds!
  • As synthetic grass is highly durable, you will not have to replace or replant areas very often.
  • Synthetic grass drains extremely well and therefore will dry quickly after rain.
  • Playing any sports or games on the lawn will not damage the grass.
  • Synthetic grass always looks picture perfect, so no need to worry about an unkept lawn when any guests are around.

Artificial grass can be made from several different materials:


Nylon artificial grass is a particularly durable artificial grass type as it is made of a strong plastic fibre. Therefore, this grass option is ideal for those who are looking for a lawn that can withstand foot traffic, children and pets.

Polyethylene artificial grass

Polyethylene artificial grass is the cheaper artificial grass option. The texture and appearance of Polyethylene artificial grass is more natural, creating a soft touch and aesthetic similar to real grass. This artificial grass option, therefore, requires brushing or raking occasionally to maintain its look and overall condition.

Polypropylene artificial grass

Polypropylene artificial grass is the cheaper, yet least durable artificial grass option. Therefore, we advise this artificial grass option is used for small areas rather than large surface areas such as lawns.

Artificial grass was originally created for sports fields, in order to lower the cost of maintaining the pitches, however, artificial grass has become more and more popular for homeowners and their gardens. At DNA Driveways, we can source and lay any kind of artificial lawn. We can also repair or replace any damaged artificial grass and make sure that it is properly installed for years to come.

If you are looking to have an artificial lawn laid anywhere in Warrington give us a call on 07935349124 or send us a message through our contact page.

Artificial Grass Installers Warrington

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Artificial Grass Installers Warrington

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Artificial Grass Installers Warrington
Artificial Grass Warrington

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