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Block Paving in Lymm

DNA Driveways in Lymm is the go-to place for any block paving needs you may have. We specialize not only with our beautiful designs and techniques, but also because we do all types of patios including ones that are built from recycled materials!

Block Paving Looks Fantastic!

The driveway is the first impression most people see of your home and can make or break a good first impression. With our selection, you're guaranteed to find one that suits both style preferences as well cost; we've got everything from natural stones like slate for an elegant look without breaking into any bank!

Any type of block paving!

The building and design of your home is only one aspect which makes it beautiful. A good-looking garden will complement the property nicely, but what about all those who live in flats without access to any outside space? We've got you covered! Our block paving services can make an interior flooring area look like a luxury patio; think blue slate or red brick for added style points (and let us know if there are specific colours that interest).

Advantages of block paving!

Block paving offers many advantages, one of which is its low maintenance needs. The stones are permeable so that rainwater can wash away rather than pooling on your driveway or patio; it's also very easy to keep clean with a quick brushing and hosing down when necessary - all while looking like new!

We exceed expectations

With our extensive knowledge in Lymm and surrounding areas, we have completed many block paving jobs that exceed expectations.

Lymm residents are in luck because our company has been doing block paving work for many years now. We also offer other services like patios and decks! So if you want the best, call us today at 07935349124 or leave your message on this page so that one of our staff members can get back to ya real quick with all information needed before it's too late!!!

Block Paving Lymm

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Block Paving in Lymm